We would be happy to furnish you with a replacement value document for insurance purposes. (We do not do appraisals.) The following paragraphs outline the requirements for us to produce your replacement value on Makk artwork. A fee is charged.

1) Identifying data-

a) Owner’s full name
b) Owner’s street address
c) Owner’s city, state, zip
d) Owner’s home phone number
e) Owner’s work phone number
f) Owner’s email address
g) If you are not the owner of the artwork you need to also include information a) to g) about yourself

2) Photos – Please take the artwork outdoors on a nice sunny day.

Front Shots – Make sure there is no galre or shadows on the artwork. Take a few shots of the entire front of the artwork. Then a few close ups of the signature of the artist.

Back Shots – Photograph the entire back of the artwork. If there are any markings, please take close ups of them.

3) History of the artwork – Information on your individual artwork.

a) Does the artwork have a title? That information might be in the back of the canvas, a sales slip, or invoice. The back of the artwork is the easiest and best place to start.

b) The dimensions of the artwork without the frame. This does not have to be exact, so you don’t have to remove the artwork from the frame, but give us the best measurement of the image size.

c) When was the piece acquired?
d) Who was the piece acquired from?
e) How was the piece acquired?
f) For how much was the piece acquired?
g) Does the image have a number on the front?
h) Does the image have texture and/or brushstrokes? i) Is the image on canvas or paper?

4) Processing time – Once we have all the requested information it can take up to three months to get back to you on the value of the artwork. If there are any extenuating circumstances please let us know in advance.

5) Processing fee – There is a $100.00 fee per art work precessed. Payment by check to be made to Makk Studios. You are welcome to pay by credit card if you wish. Call us at 808-373-2772. We accept Paypal as well.

6) Send check and photos to:

Makk Studios
1515 Laukahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96821
Attn: Sylvia Makk.

Or email images and info to with “Replacement Value Request” in the subject heading.

Note – Please be aware that all photos, and information sent to us will be placed in our files and kept confidential. Nothing you send to us will be returned to you.

Thank you, Sylvia Makk