You may be under the impression that portraits are lifeless depictions of people in a formal setting. That’s absolutely not the case – unless you want it to be. We have produced portraits not only of Presidents, but of family pets, and people in every day or their favorite places. Take a close look at this Parisian street scenes. You may notice a couple sitting at their favorite table!

Portraiture has always been a special and integral part of the lives of Eva and Americo Makk. They have painted Official Portraits of Presidents, Cardinals, Kings and Queens, Ambassadors, and other diplomats, Governors, Senators and portraits for corporations and individuals. In creating each portrait, the Makk’s expertise, including their intuition, is concentrated to develop a specific image and feeling required by the client’s personality and mood as well as the location for which the piece is intended capturing the soul of the subject.


The answer is no. It is not necessary to “sit” although the artist enjoys meeting the client to observe and feel the spirit and soul of the individual. Photographs and videos can be sent which the artist will review and then discuss fine details with the client. As the portrait nears completion, a photo is sent to the client for final tweaking. Different types of portraits are available as seen below.


This type of portrait can be seen in board rooms of CEOs or in homes depicting a special member of the family such as a matriarch or patriarch. The individual is usually in formal clothes with a loose background, or a background revealing something representative of a company or special family member. The photos scrolling above of portraits of President Reagan, President Carter and retired Alexander and Baldwin Inc. CEO Robert J. Pfeiffer are examples of formal portraits.


This type of portrait is looser in that the subject is relaxed and not in a formal setting or posture. Examples are sitting in a garden setting, or next to a favorite pet such as a horse or dog. A person can be sitting in their favorite car if they are a automobile collector. The possibilities are endless. Talk to us to discuss your wishes. We can create them on canvas!


These are artistic renderings which give the impression of the individuals as if it were one of them. They contain similarities in color, shape, gender and age bracket of the subjects commissioned to be portrayed.

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