About Americo Makk

AmericoMallPR3Americo was born in Hungary in 1927 and passed away in Hawaii  in May 2015. His formal training began at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Art in Budapest. At the top of his class, he received a scholarship to Italy, and while studying at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome he met his future wife, Eva, a fellow artist at the academy. The couple moved to Brazil in 1949, and their reputation as brilliant young painters spread quickly. They were appointed as Professors of Art at the Sao Paulo Academy of Fine Art, and later were named Official Artists of the Brazilian Government. Among their many commissions was an unprecedented expedition deep into the Amazon rain forest to paint the indigenous tribal people. In 1962 Americo Makk and his family moved to New York and continued their distinguished careers as artists. Americo Makk’s final home was Hawaii, where his family still resides since 1967.

Today Americo Makk’s paintings are highly prized, with some selling for several hundred thousand dollars. Demand for his work is on the rise with his passing.  As he had done for more than fifty years, Americo Makk  received international acclaim, such as a celebrated permanent exhibition of his mural paintings at the Museum of Hungarian Military History in Budapest, two shows in the Senate Rotunda in Washington DC, portraits of many dignitaries including President Reagan and President Carter to name a few and the impressive  list of accomplishments goes on.

In December of 2013, Americo Makk was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit (one of the highest medals awarded to a civilian) from the Hungarian President, Janos Ader, for his life’s contribution to the arts.

Americo Makk is deeply missed by his family, friends and collectors. His love of life, beauty and color will live on in his artwork for centuries.