The Makk family trio – Eva, Americo and A.B. Makk – is known as “the first family of the art world.” Eva Makk has been called “the world’s foremost living impressionist painter.” Her husband, Americo Makk, is an internationally acclaimed master painter and the portrait artist of two United States presidents. Their son, A.B. Makk, is an international award-winning painter of sparkling water scenes and sublime landscapes.

For over half a century, art by the Makks has touched the hearts and minds of viewers around the world. Their work has been the focus of numerous major public exhibitions, including Carnegie International Center (NY), U.S. Senate Rotunda (Washington, D.C.), Monaco Intercontinental Exhibition (Paris), St. Stephen Museum (Hungary), and many other museums and galleries in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Japan. A collection of Hungarian historical paintings by Americo and Eva Makk, which, for nearly twenty years, toured museums and public venues in the United States and Europe, was recently awarded a permanent home in the Museum of Hungarian Military History, a national museum in Budapest.

Americo and Eva Makk are also among the world’s most respected portrait artists. Notably, Americo Makk was selected to paint portraits for the U.S. White House of President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Princess Kyoko Osano of Japan and President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan are among the many dignitaries who have selected Eva Makk to create their portraits.

Like Michelangelo, Eva and Americo Makk have achieved a place in art history for their legacy of murals. Working jointly since 1950, they have created murals in sixteen cathedrals and churches on two continents, a feat unequaled by any other artist in our time.

Americo Makk was born in Hungary. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome he met his future wife, Eva, who was continuing her studies there following her graduation from the Fine Art Academy in Paris. The Makks moved to Brazil in 1949, and their reputation as brilliant young artists spread quickly throughout the nation. They were appointed as professors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sao Paulo, and later were named Official Artists of the Brazilian Government. Among their many commissions was an unprecedented two-year trek deep into the rain forest to paint the Amazon Indians. Their son, A.B., was born in Brazil. In 1962 the Makks moved to New York, then in 1967 they moved to Hawaii where they currently reside.

The Makks’ careers have continued to rise, with exhibitions around the globe and dozens of awards and honors, including American Ecclesiastic Award, European Banner of the Arts and Oscar d’Italia. Today their art is prized by collectors and exhibited worldwide.