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Makk Studios consists of artists, Eva Makk, her husband Americo Makk, their son A.B. Makk, his wife Sylvia Makk, and their daughter Alexandra Makk. All are individual artists in their own right and have over 45 years of professional experience and accomplishments.  Their works include portraits, Hawaiian and Tropical themes, murals and landscapes. This site features a wide selection of original oils and limited edition works.

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The Makk Family: Alexandra, Sylvia, A.B., Eva, Americo

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  • "A lifetime dream come true! Such an elegant artist and family! The class was excellent and fun. I enjoyed and learned much. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is the most amazing location also. Thank you for including me in your class. I would love to return for more. The Lord Bless you." workshop participant T.B. Hawaii

    Sylvia Makk for guest